Floyd Mayweather Confirms Friend’s FaceTime Murder/Suicide Call With Cops

TMZ reports, Floyd Mayweather sat down with the LAPD for a 2-hour interview Wednesday, telling detectives he desperately tried talking his good friend, rapper Earl Hayes, out of killing himself.

floyd mayweather

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Floyd was on FaceTime Monday morning with Hayes when the rapper walked away from the phone, into the bathroom and shot his wife multiple times.

Floyd told detectives after Hayes shot his wife, he came back to the phone and continued talking with Floyd. The boxer says Hayes said he was going to shoot himself and Mayweather pleaded with him … to no avail.

Gun Charges Against JEEZY Dismissed

Jeezy is officially off the hook for weapons charges brought against him back in August 2014

jeezy black eskimo

The charges were dismissed this morning in court.

As we posted, the AK-47 found on Jeezy’s tour bus, which got him and five others thrown in jail with a ridiculously high $1 million dollar bail to post belonged to the head of security.

The AK-47 was legally registered to the the head of security for his tour, who was in a hospital bed the night police seized the weapon.

TMZ contacted Jeezy and asked if he felt there was profiling and he said, “I pray this had nothing to do with race but it definitely had nothing to do with evidence.”

Jeezy adds, “I knew that the allegations and charges were based on zero facts. I’m relieved that the truth has prevailed.”