Rick Ross Never Compensated Jessica Gomes For Saying, “Maybach Music!”

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Rick Ross been using Jessica Gomes’ voice on mixtapes, albums, concerts, shows, signed artist tracks, guest appearances, etc… the list goes on.  The catch is… silly, Jessica Gomes hasn’t been paid a dime. Read her interview below:

When did you do it?

I did it back in 2007, 2008. I think it was 2008, though.

The first time people heard it was on “Maybach Music” with Jay-Z.

Right, Jay-Z and Rick Ross. It was at the beginning of the track. It was another girl talking and then she says, ‘What is this?’ and I say ‘It’s Maybach music’ and then we both say ‘I like this Maybach music.’ And we both go ‘Sweet.’

How did that come about?

We were just hanging out with friends in the studio and then it just happened. We got behind the mic, started talking and that was it, really. They decided to put it in their song and nothing came about.

But now everyone’s using my part where I say “Maybach Music.”…

When was the first time you heard it?

I heard the Rick Ross and Jay-Z song and I loved it. I thought it was great.

So how does one find herself in Rick Ross’ studio?

(Laughs). Well, we were just all friends. I was friends of friends with Jay. We were all hanging out and they were just like, ‘Wow, we love your accent. We love your voice. Why don’t you say something and we’ll record it.’ That was seriously it.

Your voice is probably on 50 songs.

Really! I need to be getting paid for these songs.

You’re not getting paid?


Do you feel like you should be getting paid?

Now I do. Because it’s hot and it’s out there.

Hopefully you’ll get a check.

Yeah, I need to call Rick Ross and be like ‘Yo, I need my check!’

Jessica Gomes needs to get her business right. smh. Read the full interview here.