Chrissy and Olivia BEEF? [Video]

Chrissy and Olivia beef
This scene from Love & Hip-Hop, season 2 episode 9 is the Chrissy and Olivia beef! Chrissy questions Olivia’s loyalty and friendship.

Here’s what I think. Chrissy is being a angry self-centered woman… once again. She’s ALWAYS trying to pick a fight! Why is Chrissy starting trouble with Olivia! She basically bullied Olivia during this segment. She has problems with EVERYONE on Love & Hip-Hop besides EMILY B! smh.

As far as Yandy goes… all we want to know is… Yandy, did you have sex with Jim Jones in the past?

Kimbella and Erica Mena FIGHT! [Video]

Kimbella and Erica Mena Fight
This is the Kimbella and Erica Mena FIGHT Video! This is the second Kimbella and Erica Mena fight we’ve seen this season on Love & Hip-Hop! Luckily, Kimbella and Erica’s 2nd fight wasn’t as bad as their first fight — when Erica Mena needed to call the COPS!!

Watch the video here, Kimbella and Erica Mena FIGHT on episode 9 of Love & Hip-Hop!