Beyonce Expecting a Girl!

Beyonce is expecting a baby girl, says Kelly Rowland. The singer revealed it’s a girl when chatting with Us Weekly at the Cosmopolitan Awards in London on Thursday night.

Beyonce2 Beyonce Expecting a Girl!

“I don’t know,” Rowland, 30, said, referring to the unborn child as “her.” “I think her dad [Jay-Z] is gonna give her everything anyways, all I can give her is love.”

“I think she’ll be very well behaved,” Rowland replied, once again using the feminine “she. “Her parents will make sure of that.”

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RoseMo Murdered in California!

Rapper RoseMo (@Rosemo700) was killed and six others were hurt after crashing into another vehicle in Santa Ana, Cali. Rosemo 700 allegedly got into an altercation with The Game last month in a shopping mall and beat up another local rapper last week was murdered today.

Fight RoseMo Murdered in California!

The incident occurred near South Grand and East Edinger avenues, the Santa Ana Police Department said.

“We have what we believe to be a homicide,” Cpl. Anthony Bertagna told The Times.

Police say two men suffering from gunshot wounds got into a van and took off on the wrong side of the street.

The driver lost control and hit a Volkswagen Beetle carrying a family of five, then continued through the intersection and ended up in a parking lot.

“I see the van coming down this way on the wrong side of the road… slams into the bug, and then cuts across the intersection, slams into the curb and bounces into the restaurant parking lot,” witness Brett Howser said.

The driver of the van was pronounced dead at the scene. The passenger was transported to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The two adults and three children in the Beetle were hospitalized with unknown injuries.

No word yet on any suspects in the shooting.

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Judge William Adam Lashes 16 Yr Old Daughter 17 times With Belt! [Video]

Judge William Adams does not apologize for lashing his then 16-yr old daughter 17 times with leather belt!

Judge whips daughter with belt 300x218 Judge William Adam Lashes 16 Yr Old Daughter 17 times With Belt! [Video]

Aransas County Court-at-Law Judge William Adams issued a statement through his lawyer on Thursday in which he questions his daughter Hillary’s motives for posting the secretly-made 2004 video online last week.

The judge does not apologize in the three-page statement for lashing his then 16-year-old daughter 17 times with a belt while she wailed and pleaded with him to stop. He told a TV station Wednesday that the video “looks worse than it is” and that he was just disciplining his child.

Hillary Adams, daughter of Aransas County Court-at-Law Judge William Adams, told reports she feels some regret about posting online video of her father lashing her with a belt but she hopes it forces him to get help.

Watch the video below: