KARMA! Lethal Lipps ALLEGEDLY Had Sex w/ JUELZ While Kimbella Was PREGNANT! [Video]

Kimbella vs Lethal Lipps
What goes around… comes around! A Kimbella and Lethal Lipps fight is on the way!

Do you remember the Chrissy and Kimbella fight on Love & Hip Hop — caused by Kimbella revealing she slept with Fabolous while Emily B was  pregnant. Here’s a SHOCKER — adult film star Lethal Lipps reveals she slept with Juelz Santana while Kimbella was pregnant!! Watch the video here.

Charles Barkley Trashes The Hawks; Says Weight Watchers Is A BIG SCAM!! [Video]

charles barkley
Unaware the camera was stilling rolling, Charles Barkley trashed the Atlanta Hawks and said Weight Watchers is a big scam. Charles didn’t mean Weight Watchers is a big scam literally! Charles meant, he can’t believe he’s actually getting paid to lose weight! This is why he compared Weight Watchers to his job of getting paid to watch basketball!

As for the Atlanta Hawks, Charles meant what he said — they’re TRASH! Watch the video here!