Meek Mill – 2011 Cosmic Kev Freestyle [Video]

Meek Mill 300x171 Meek Mill   2011 Cosmic Kev Freestyle [Video]
Meek Mill spits his life and struggles during 2011 freestyle with Cosmic Kev!

“Empty court room when the judge read my verdict/ but now I’m getting to it/ people act like they deserve it/ I was sittin’ in my cell watchin my dream fade like Mike fourth quarter tied game/ shackles on my ankles and wrist was my first chains/… grind gon turn into ya shine be patient! – Meek Mill

Drake Ignores Lil Wayne’s ADVICE; Gets A TATTOO On His BACK!!

Drake told us back in Jun 2010, Lil Wayne warned him to never get any tattoos. Drake told MTV the following:

He told me something I never thought I’d hear him say, which was, ‘You’re the ultimate artist. You’re better than me. You don’t have the tattoos, you don’t cause any trouble. People like you.’ He was like, basically, ‘Look at me and look at you.’

‘Whatever, man, whatever you do, do not get no tattoos never in your life,’ ” Drake recalled Wayne telling him. ” ‘They gonna think you got it because you came around me.’ He said the same thing to me [during the Rikers visit]: ‘Don’t change yourself, please. You got it. I’ve never met a young dude that has it figured out, but you got it. Don’t mess it up. Just be you. Sing! Rap! Be you. Don’t stop smiling.’ That’s what he said.”

Audio: Drake Tells Sway, Lil Wayne Told Him To Never Get Any Tattoos!

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Lil Wayne’s valuable words of wisdom went in ear and out the other. Drake totally discarded Lil Wayne’s advice about getting a tattoo. He got an OVO owl tattoo on his back!

Check out Drake’s tattoo below:

Drake OVO Tattoo 2 Drake Ignores Lil Waynes ADVICE; Gets A TATTOO On His BACK!!

More pics of Drake’s OVO Tattoo below:

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