WTF! Dutch Magazine Calls Rihanna “NIGGABITCH!”

Dutch magazine referred to Rihanna as Jamaican and called her a “NIGGABITCH!”

Niggabitch Rihanna picture

Check out the offensive excerpt from Dutch Magazine below:

“She has street cred, she has a ghetto ass and she has a golden throat. Rihanna, the good girl gone bad, is the ultimate n*ggab*tch and displays that gladly, and for her that means: what’s on can come off. If that means she’ll be on stage half naked, then so be it. But Dutch winters aren’t like Jamaican ones, so pick a clothing style in which your daughter can resist minus ten. No to the big sunglasses and the pornheels, and yes to the tiger print, pink shizzle and everything that glitters. Now let’s hope she won’t beat anybody up at daycare.”

Check out Rihanna’s reply and the magazine’s Editor-in-chief, Eva Hoeke’s response below!
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