Dame Dash’s DD172 Art Gallery Served Court Summons!

Dame Dash DD172 Art Gallery Served Court Summons Dame Dashs DD172 Art Gallery Served Court Summons!

More legal problems for Dame Dash — his DD172 Art Gallery just got served.

DD172 hasn’t been operational since June, when the Tribeca Citizen observed stuff being moved out of the space at 172 Duane Street. Yesterday, the quiet block where the club was located—located in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in New York—rippled with interest as the city brought legal action against the building’s owners.

At around 4:30 p.m. yesterday, cops served the property with a court summons and order to show cause. The defendants, 172 Duane Street Realty and “Jane and John Doe” (the tenants, i.e. Dash and associates) are accused of six counts of storing and selling alcoholic beverages without a license, as detailed in court documents obtained by the Voice. DD172 was caught violating the liquor code for the first time in November 2010 and as recently as May, according to the affidavits of police who investigated the club.

One document states that the violations “were conducted in an open and notorious manner and the operators of this establishment appear to have evinced a ‘business as usual’ attitude in the subject premises.” DD172’s repeated violations are used as evidence that the club’s actions constitute a public nuisance. The plaintiffs are asking for a preliminary injunction from the judge, plus a restraining order.


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Birdman – Y.U. Mad (ft. Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne) [Audio]

Fresh off Birdman Jr. moving 964,000 units, Birdman doubles back with a brand new track called Y.U. Mad featuring Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne!

Birdman Y.U. Mad Birdman   Y.U. Mad (ft. Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne) [Audio]

Listen to the track, Y.U. Mad below:

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Update: YIKES!! Beyonce’s Prosthetic Baby Bump Folds and Collapses! [Video]

jay z beyonce 2002 Beyonces PREGNANCY FAKE!?!

We’ve been waiting for Beyonce to get pregnant since the summer of 2002. So, how did Beyonce succeed in concealing her pregnancy from the obsessed media and fans for an entire three months!

Beyonce pregnant Beyonces PREGNANCY FAKE!?!

There’s already speculation Beyonce faked her baby bump; Could Beyonce be faking her ENTIRE PREGNANCY?!

A conspiracy theorist tells HipHopStan.com exclusively, why Beyonce would want to pull off a task such as faking her pregnancy to the WORLD!

Dear HHS,
Here’s my thorough analysis on this whole, “I’m revealing my pregnancy to the media at the MTV awards” fiasco.

Get ready to journey into the sorted thinking of a “industry” individual — only for the open-minded!


By looking at the picture of Beyonce with her bare “pregnant” belly out — pregnant women don’t have a six pack at 3 months! And her “pregnant belly” does not have the dark vertical line that appears on the abdomen during about three quarters of ALL pregnancies. It’s called the Linea nigra.

Beyonce Faking Pregnancy 1 300x250 Beyonces PREGNANCY FAKE!?!

Secondly, Jay-Z and Beyonce would NEVER admit anything openly to the media. We all know this. They believe their personal life should remain quiet and kept personal. Suddenly, she goes in front of paparazzi — place her hands on a swelling “belly” and announce, “I have a surprise!”

There have been instances in the past when Beyonce was reported as being pregnant simply because she didn’t re-up the dye on her roots!? Now ask yourself…  How did Beyonce, who is followed by paparazzi 24-7, manage to go THREE entire months without ANYONE even speculating that she was pregnant? SIMPLE. Because she’s NOT pregnant!

Now your asking, “Why?”

Beyonce has put off pregnancy for this long because of her career. She does not want to damage that body aka the BILLION dollar money maker with affects from a true pregnancy, i.e., the loose skin, the stretch marks, the weight gain, the hemorrhoids, the swollen feet, the darkened skin, a widened nose, and sleep deprivation!

Why would Beyonce do something like that? Because people are crazy! Especially, wealthy celebs with POWER who view babies as accessories. Jay-Z and Beyonce will reap benefits behind this world from selling the media on this pregnancy. Kim Kardashian’s wedding, The Royal Wedding, Osama’s death, and the Superbowl is small time compared to this.

So now your wondering, “How are they gonna pull this thing off? [Read more...]

New Audio: Sept. 11 Hijacker: “Nobody Move. Everything Will Be Okay.” [Video]

Airplane HiJack Audio 300x172 New Audio: Sept. 11 Hijacker: Nobody Move. Everything Will Be Okay. [Video]
I found this Sept. 11 audio disturbing. In bad situations, you pray for a positive outcome. For example, if a robber tells you, “don’t move, everything will be okay.” You follow his order. Then, the robber turns around and shoots you. In this case, the hijacker runs the plane into a building. Secondly, the control tower’s reaction after being told by region commander, they can shoot down any aircraft that do not response to their direction. What about the individuals on board? So, there’s no better solution if an aircraft gets hijacked? Damn.