The Dark Knight Rises [Trailer #2 Video]

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Check out The Dark Knight Rises trailer #2!

Watching the football field crumble in near silence automatically qualifies that scene as one of the best of 2012. Other films have done similar stunts, but not with such an assured hand, so consider me on-board with Bane’s supposed earthquake machine. Admittedly, it sounded too hokey for Nolan’s Batman movies, but no one can deny the awesomeness of that football scene. – MTV

Tupac Shakur Sex Tape Sold To Private Collector

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Tupac Shakur’s 1991 sex tape is officially off the market — sold to a private collector — TMZ reports.

Sources connected to the deal tells us, the former tape owner decided not to sell to a big company out of principle — claiming the corporate porn fat cats were “parasites.”

No word on what it sold for … but as we previously reported, bids for the background music alone — an original, unreleased Tupac track — had reached $1,000,000.

Maybe next time, folks … though we wouldn’t hold our breath — a rep for the Tupac estate tells us, it plans to block any future sale of the tape … and make sure the tape never sees the light of day.

Kobe Bryant Busted by Basketball Wives!

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Vanessa Bryant divorced Kobe because teammates told their women how Kobe be cheating… and it got back to Vanessa!

TMZ reports, Kobe Bryant’s teammates were blabbing to their women about the superstar’s exploits … and those women in turn gave Vanessa Bryant the heads up — leading her to file for divorce. They’re saying Kobe’s exploits lately increased in frequency.

According to our sources, the players often swear their wives to secrecy before dishing on their fellow ballers … but that secrecy is rarely kept. The women all share information about other guys around the league … in part to ensure word will get back to them if their man ever steps out.