Diddy Headed For The Forbes 400 List!

The Forbes 400 or 400 Richest Americans is a list published by Forbes Magazine magazine of the wealthiest 400 Americans, ranked by net worth. The list is published annually in September, and 2011 marks the 30th issue. According to Forbes Magazine, Diddy is on pace to making it on to this prestigious Forbes 400 list!

Diddy Diddy Headed For The Forbes 400 List!

The notorious name-changer has taken to calling himself Ciroc Obama, and for good reason: Through his vodka deal with beverage giant Diageo, Diddy receives an annual cut of profits and a big chunk of cash if the Ciroc brand is ever sold. With the spirit’s value soaring toward $1 billion, and stakes in clothing lines Sean John and Enyce, marketing firm Blue Flame and record label Bad Boy, Diddy may beat buddy Jay-Z, featured on last year’s cover, to The Forbes 400. Net worth: $550 million. -Forbes