B.G. Potentially Facing Up To 40 YEARS IN PRISON!!

Rapper B.G. is facing up to 40 years in prison after guilty plea!

B.G. prison picture

On Wednesday morning (December 7) New Orleans rapper B.G. (born Christopher Dorsey) plead guilty to felony weapons possession charges stemming from a 2009 arrest. The former Hot Boys member was arrested after he and his friends were pulled over for a traffic violation, and police found guns in the car. Yesterday B.G. admitted that some of the guns belonged to him.

According to Nola.com, the 31-year-old rapper—who was a convinced felon at the time of his rest—plead guilty to being in possession of a firearm and witness tampering. He admitted that he had conspired with one of the other passengers, Demounde Pollard to claim false ownership of the guns.

B.G. could potentially face up to 40 years in prison for his crime. Prosecutors have continued to build their case around the rapper, linking him to other notorious criminals in New Orleans. Footage of B.G. voicing support for a convicted killer, Telly Hankton, has been used as part of their case.

B.G. is set to be sentenced on on March 14.

via MTV.com/Nola.com