FOOTAGE: Ray J vs Fabolous Fight [Video]

Ray J vs Fabolous 300x173 FOOTAGE: Ray J vs Fabolous Fight [Video]

Here’s the footage of Ray J vs Fabolous at Moon nightclub in Las Vegas’ The Palms Casino! Now its clear who was telling the truth and lied!

Fabolous tells Ray J, “Yesterday, we chatted and everything!” Its appears Ray J was under some type of influence (allegedly) and putting on for the “Money Team.”

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50 Cent gives us the real story of what happened between  Ray J and Fabolous in Las Vegas! 50 cent explains the “beef” during interview on Hot 97 w/ Funkmaster Flex!

50 Cent Fabolous Ray J fight 50 Cent Weighs In On Ray J and Fabolous BEEF! [Audio]

Listen to the interview below:

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So, who do you believe? It sounds like Fabolous and 50 Cent recollection of the incident coincides.

Young Jeezy’s “TM103: A Hustler’s Ambition” PUSHED BACK (again)!!

It’s September 20th… Do you know where TM103 is?

Young Jeezy4 Young Jeezys TM103: A Hustlers Ambition PUSHED BACK (again)!!

It’s official. Young Jeezy’s TM103 has been pushed back again… and the rapper didn’t have the courtesy to inform his fans — they’ve been patiently waiting on the album for a LONG TIMEEEE. smh.

Do you remember this interview (Watch the interview here)?  Young Jeezy told Jenny Boom Boom, TM103’s release date of Sept. 20th is set in STONE and won’t be changed. SMH. What’s a man, if he doesn’t keep his word?

According to Young Jeezy, he was going to “make it rough on these nig*as” and “twitter gangsta go to twitta jail.” Then, Young Jeezy released a handwritten “official” track list for Thug Motivation 103: A Hustler’s Ambition. I guess we should’ve listened when Maybach Music Group told us on 9/9, “DEF JAM PUSHED THAT OTHER BOY ALBUM BACK AGAINNN #WOWW #UNFORTUNATE… THE WORLD READY FOR “GOD FORGIVES,I DONT” @RICKYROZAY COMING SOON!!!!”

Young Jeezy’s TM103 is allegedly scheduled for Dec. 20th now…