Mike “The Situation” Sues Abercrombie & Fitch!

The Situation smartened up — he realized Abercrombie used him for free publicity! Mike is now suing the clothing company Abercrombie & Fitch for their sneaking ploy! Read the report below.

MTV reality star "The Situation" Abercrombie & Fitch picture

The Situation just turned up the heat in his ongoing feud with Abercrombie & Fitch — filing a lawsuit against the clothing company … 3 months after it publicly offered him money NOT to wear its clothes.

You’ll recall — A&F made a public ploy to distance themselves from the Situation back in August, offering him a cash bonus if he agreed never to wear Aber ever again.

Sitch just filed a lawsuit in Florida, claiming Abercrombie has infringed on the GTL and the Situation trademarks, through its bogus advertising ploy and by selling T-shirts with the words “The Fitchuation” and “GTL…You Know The Deal” emblazoned on them.

Sitch wants at least $4,000,000 in damages. Calls to A&F were not returned.

via TMZ

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Lil Wayne Shows Off Improvement On The Skateboard! [Video]

Lil Wayne skateboard picture
Lil Wayne shows the world, he’s making improvement on his skateboard skills. Watch Weezy pull off a few decent tricks while skateboarding outside his home!

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Ludacris Gives Big Sean & Drake A History Lesson On “Pause/ Stop” Flow!

Ludacris picture

Before Ludacris lyrically gave Big Sean and Drake a lite spanking on Bada Boom off his 1.21 Gigawatts: Back To The First Time mixtape — Luda gives the two young MCs a history lesson of people who used the “pause/stop” flow back when they were still sh*tting their pampers.

Big Sean selfishly took all the credit for inventing the “pause/stop” flow — he refers to it as the Super Duper flow.

Listen to Ludacris – History Lesson below:

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Chrissy Reveals She’s 40 YEARS OLD! (Love & Hip Hop Ep. 1 Bonus Video)

Chrissy and Olivia Love and Hip Hop picture
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Editor’s note: Jim Jones age is 35 years.

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