YIKES!! Tiny Wants T.I. In A CUP!! [Video]

Tiny and T.I. in cup
After the second episode of T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle, some people were left confused when Tiny spoke “x-rated” to T.I about the champagne glass. Tiny told T.I., “keep that cup, when your finish… because your going to be in it.” If you want to be GROSSED OUT — check out this video! Can you believe much of their private life T.I. and Tiny revealed last night!?

LETTER TO OLIVIA — Find YOURSELF or Find A Nine To Five!!

Below is a letter from one of our loyal fans urging Olivia to find inspiration after watching Love & Hip-Hop season 2, episode 4.

Rich Dollaz and Olivia

1st off: Olivia, girl, your hair looks amazing! Hell, if music doesn’t work out, you can definitely be a 9-5 hair stylist!

Now back to business. Olivia, YOU ARE ACTUALLY GENUINELY LIKEABLE, unlike some other “celebs” and reality stars we know. U have the opportunity to be a force! But if you think “December” is the best you can do, you are mistaken love. You have confidence and an “it” factor. But honestly, you don’t know what to do with it. Yes its true, that you’re working hard — we see you! And, we also see that you want to be successful and given the credit that you feel you deserve — BADLY! Its almost painful to watch how unaware you are of what the problem is. Yandy tried to tell you, but I don’t think you were ready to listen. Your like the character on TV where the audience keeps yelling, “its right there!” Everyone else can see it, except you!

The public knows the industry is full of sh*t and we sense that there’s a lot of behind the scenes politics. That’s not your fault, and more importantly, its not your issue to fix. What is your ISSUE…  is you, Olivia!!

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