WTF! Kim Kardashian Invites NAKED Yoga Instructor Into Kris’ HOME! [Video]

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Kim Kardashian invites over a naked yoga instructor without telling her now ex-husband Kris Humpries! How does your wife invite a naked yoga instructor over and not inform her husband?

The naked yoga instructor says the following:

Craig, a 22-year-old Ashanga yogi and practicing Buddhist, Humphries initial reaction was one of surprise and laughter, something that was not shown on the aired episode. “I haven’t seen the show yet but I read some of the reports of what he said. It was pretty surprising to read about it because it was all really funny when he first came in. I went to open the door and he looked taken aback but he was laughing, shook his head and made a joke about it. In fact, that was the funniest moment of the shoot.”

About Kris’s private exchanges with Kim K, Craig admits: “I don’t think his reaction had anything to do with me. Like I said, at first he seemed fine with it. I don’t know anything about their relationship but it’s obvious something else was going on. Maybe it didn’t help that there was a naked yoga instructor there but that didn’t bring them to divorce court. And I had no idea that he (Kris) didn’t know about the yoga class. As far as I was concerned, he could have come in and taken part in the class.” –source

Miss Jones FIRED From Power 99 In Philly!

Philly’s Power 99 morning show host, Miss Jones was fired earlier this week following a defamation lawsuit filed by a local business woman.

Miss Jones Fired Philly picture

Clear Channel Radio spokeswoman, Loraine Ballard Morrill, confirmed that Jones is “no longer an employee of Clear Channel Philadelphia.”

The radio personality’s departure from the station comes a week following a defamation lawsuit filed by a local businesswoman, Tracey Parson, who claimed that her Kiddie Kare day care business suffered from a tarnished reputation and resulted in death threats due to Jones’ repeated defamation of the company last month.


50 Cent Wants To Work w/ Frank Ocean!

50 Cent is gunning for a possible collaboration with Frank Ocean! Check out what Fif told XXL Magazine below.

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Who else, other than Eminem did you collaborate with as an artist?
See, he’s the usual suspect so I could disclose that. But I’m just gonna hold on to my goodies because I don’t know when these people gonna be ready. I thought I was ready a while ago.

Don’t be surprised [laughs]. You know who I wanna work with though? I wanna work with the kid Frank Ocean. I like his voice. I just gotta figure out what it is. I’ll try to figure that out before I get to him.

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