New Music: 50 Cent – I’m On It

New music from 50 Cent called I’m On It.
Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent e1311774644414 New Music: 50 Cent   Im On It

Listen to I’m On It below:

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Young Jeezy Joined Onstage in NYC by Jay-Z, Kanye West [Video]

Jay Z and Young Jeezy 300x166 Young Jeezy Joined Onstage in NYC by Jay Z, Kanye West [Video]

TM101 was a musical blizzard of genuine, slickly spewed narratives, simplistic but lovable ad-libs and hard-hitting beats, and became the definitive soundtrack for the summer of 2005. Last night, the Snowman started his set with fan favorites off TM101 like “Standing Ovation” and “Get Your Mind Right.” (The show had been billed as Jeezy performing the album in its entirety.)

But just a few minutes later, Young Jeezy turned the mic over as surprise guest Jay-Z swooped in and gave an extra dose of lyrical adrenaline of the remix to “Go Crazy”: “More than a hustla I’m the definition of it,” Jay rapped. “Master chef, lord of the kitchen cupboard/ More than a street legend, homie it’s Hova/ More than a relief pitcher, I’m the closer.”

Then, things got crazier: The Jiggaman’s “Throne” partner Kanye West came out for “Put On,” off of Jeezy’s last album The Recession (2008). [Read more...]

FanMail: ‘Basketball Wives: Season 3′ — The DRAMA Breakdown!

One of our loyal guest analyzes the drama occurring between cast members on ‘Basketball Wives: Season 3′ — check it out below!

Shaunie FanMail: Basketball Wives: Season 3    The DRAMA Breakdown!Shaunie O’Neal is a PIMP! She is orchestrating this WHOLE fiasco for ratings, but it is what it is, that is how she is making her paper. Saying, how its a “mistake” to invite a new person on the the trip? Really Shaunie?!……First off, you know dam well, if the show was “drama free” no one would watch. But its an insult to our intelligence that she keeps claiming “that she wants to have a “quiet” or “drama free” dinner or outing when we all know that’s a lie. Secondly, when Tami was joking on Meeka at dinner, Shaunie went out of her way to laugh, which was her way of provoking Tami on and increasing the tension between Tami and Meeka. She could have even deescalated the whole situation with Evelyn too, but Shaunie kept that going as well. And in case she thinks we don’t notice — its very obvious the ladies know NOT to say anything adversarial about Shaunie or get on her bad side!

Tami 300x240 FanMail: Basketball Wives: Season 3    The DRAMA Breakdown! Tami is being a drunk bully. She is being really extra, simply because she’s broke and wants attention and camera time. Wasn’t she the same chick getting an abortion on MTV’s Real World?! Its sad that she thinks this will turn into a career for her, but like Snookie and all other donkey comic reliefs, she hasn’t learned yet, that being the a$$ never lasts long; her 15 minutes will be up in 14 and all we will remember about her is how bad she embarrassed herself for a check; a minimal one at that.

Evelyn 300x218 FanMail: Basketball Wives: Season 3    The DRAMA Breakdown!Did Chad f*** the fight out of Evelyn!? Last season she was Evil Ev, this season, Tami barges into her store, throws paper in her face, and as a result she decided NOT to go forward with a potentially lucrative business venture because she wants to “salvage a friendship with Tami!?” Really Evelyn…!? When your mom is still living in the PJ’s… really? And for a person who is supposed to be in love — Ev looks miserable.

Then Jennifer calls Chad an “attention whore” (which he is) now Jen has to keep your and his name out her muth@f*kin mouth? Sure, Ev you can punk Jen into not saying anything about Chad all day long, but Chad still is, who he is…and shutting Jennifer down, is not going to stop that. Ev has been abandoned by her father and feels used by men in her past… we get it. But, she needs to work through that, so she can make good decisions on new men and not blame her friends — who watched her cut her old wedding dress in half, then now they see another man who’s no good for her.

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Dear Meeka! (Meeka Claxton) [Ask Diva]

meeka getting slapped 300x224 Dear Meeka! (Meeka Claxton) [Ask Diva] Ladies I couldn’t hold back….

Dear Meeka,

Give it up girl. You have been trying to fit in since day 1 of season 3. Can’t you tell these girls are caddy by now and do you really want to be a part of this? You seem so thirsty to be part of this click. You even get your media attn wh*re husband involved, yes Chad and Speedy are both in the same category. Speedy Claxton what, who, when, where???? Com’on son!!!!

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