Meeka Claxton BOOTED From Basketball Wives!

This isn’t surprising, we told you a few weeks ago, Shaunie was cancelling Meeka Claxton from returning to the show.

Meeka Claxton Shaunie Meeka Claxton BOOTED From Basketball Wives!

Season four of the VH1 show “Basketball Wives” will have one less catfighter when shooting starts next month — cast member Meeka Claxton is getting the boot.

According to sources involved with production … Meeka has not been invited back — and we’re told she hasn’t even heard from producers since the reunion show was taped a few months back.

We’re told the final straw for producers came when Meeka filed a lawsuit against fellow cast member Tami Roman. Tami made it clear — if Meeka came back to the show, she would not.

A rep for Meeka could not be reached for comment. – TMZ

50 Cent Places His ALLEGED GIRLFRIEND Daphne Joy in the “SMS by 50″ Campaign!!

According to the internet, Daphne Joy is 50 Cent’s girlfriend. Remember the pics we posted of Daphne Joy and 50 Cent on the beach together? Do you remember when Daphne Joy and 50 Cent were siding by siding celebrating his birthday, this past July? Well now, 50 Cent placed his alleged girlfriend Daphne Joy in the brand new SMS by 50 ad campaign! Check out Daphne Joy sporting the new headphones for her man below:

Daphne Joy 50 Cent girlfriend SMS By 50 50 Cent Places His ALLEGED GIRLFRIEND Daphne Joy in the SMS by 50 Campaign!!


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Soulja Boy Raps “F*CK The Army Troops!” On Lets Be Real [Video]

Soulja Boy1 300x180 Soulja Boy Raps F*CK The Army Troops! On Lets Be Real [Video]
Soulja Boy raps on his new song, Lets Be Real, “F*ck the FBI and the army troops/ fighting for what? Be your own man.” The young rapper is already receiving lots of backlash for his comment. Is Soulja Boy just expressing himself in this art called Hip-Hop? Or did Soulja Boy cross the line dissing the brave men and women who put their lives on the line!?