Petition Started For Jay Z to DROP Barneys!

Not only does Jay Z have the power to drop labels — now the people is calling for Jay Z to drop his partnership with Barneys.

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In September it was announced that Jay Z was teaming with Barneys to release his “New York Holiday” collection, which will feature exclusive scarves, backpacks, jackets and watches.

With the recent controversy involving Barneys, Jay Z is under pressure to cancel his upcoming watch launch at Barneys New York after two black consumers accused the high end retailer of racial profiling.

Read the petition below:

Right as Jay Z prepares to roll out a new partnership with Barneys New York for the holiday shopping season, I’ve been disappointed to hear new allegations about how the retailer treats young black consumers.

Recently, we have learned the shocking news that a young college student Trayon Christian (a black male) was arrested in NYC after making a $350 purchase at Barneys New York. According to The Post, following his purchase, he was stopped by police officers, allegedly called by a Barneys sales clerk, who believed the transaction was fraudulent. After hours being held in a precinct cell, Trayon was released with no charges.

Just days later, Kayla Phillips, a 21-year-old black woman, came forward with her similar story of discrimination. Kayla says that she was surrounded by police and questioned after she purchased a handbag from the store. She was also incorrectly accused of using a fraudulent card.

We can no longer tolerate blatant prejudice and discrimination. It is clear that the minority buying power is devalued by some. We must withdraw support to those who will not support us.

I’ve been a lifelong Jay Z fan. Jay Z is currently in partnership with Barneys New York for the release of his holiday collection — called “A New York Holiday” (or BNY SCC). Barneys lacks any connection with the black and hip-hop community. And without his vast wealth and brand power, they would see him the same as they see Trayon Christian. Jay Z should be appalled by Barneys actions, and withdraw all support from them. If he does this, he will send a clear message to all corporations that are likeminded, that this behavior cannot be tolerated any longer.

Please join me in calling on Jay Z to withdraw his support from Barneys New York because of this discrimination.

Barneys New York has decided to collaborate with Jay-Z for the 2013 holiday season . The collection will include limited edition items from a sweep of well-known designers including Balenciaga, Balmain, Lanvin, Proenza Schouler, Acne Studios, and more, all benefiting the rapper’s Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation. A portion of the department store’s floorspace will be transformed into the BNY SCC Gallery, a concept which came from Jay-Z, visual artist Joanie Lemercier, and Barneys New York Creative Director Dennis Freedman for the collab’s November 30th release. via TheLifeLifes


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