Probation Violation? Chris Brown Accused of Phone Robbery!

Chris Brown allegedly snatched a girl’s Iphone and drove off with it because she took a picture of him. If true, Chris Brown could be arrested for violating probation.

Chris Brown probation violation

Chris Brown has been accused of angrily snatching some girl’s iPhone outside a nightclub in Miami this weekend, reports TMZ.

A rep for the Miami Beach PD tells TMZ, 24-year-old Christal Spann filed a police report Sunday for “robbery by snatching” — claiming she followed Chris and rapper Tyga out of Cameo nightclub early in the morning (see photo above) … and snapped a picture of Chris getting into his Bentley.

Christal told cops … Chris flipped out when he saw her camera phone– then grabbed it through the car window, saying, “Bitch, you’re not gonna put that on the Internet.”

According to the police report, Chris then rolled up his window and drove off — $500 iPhone in hand.

No arrests have been made and no warrant has been issued yet. The incident is currently under investigation.

Chris Brown is still on probation — if he’s arrested he could be thrown in jail on a probation violation.

Temper… Temper C. Breezy!

You know they’re waiting to whisk you through the system. smh. We’ve been on a set were Chris Brown’s security, asked everyone put their video cameras and phones away. We heard about his behavior at Rihanna’s private birthday party — trying to make everyone sign confidentiality agreements. Chris you need to relax a little — your a celebrity.

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