Quentin Tarantino: People Are AFRAID To Talk About Slavery

Quentin Tarantino to interviewer, “There’s actually a dialogue going on about slavery right now, that has not been happening — AT ALL. It’s a subject people are afraid to talk about.”

Check out Quentin set this interviewer straight regarding his movie, Django.


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    Tarantino is on point, people are making a big deal out of a movie where slavery is involved but people who have seen the movie know that Jamie Foxx kills pretty much every white dude in the movie. Calling it racist is disrespectful and wrong, especially because Tarantino decided to make a movie about the subject of slavery where he is also trying to be historically correct but at the same time add the flare of craziness to it.

    Whats funny is that Inglorious Basterds got the same reaction in Europe, while in the USA, it was never talked about being controversial, not to the same extent at least.

    Tarantino is right to get pissed off at the interviewer, asking questions about having responsibility when making movies and all. Its up to the childrens parents to make them no watch the damn movie, it isnt Tarantino´s or any other directors, writers fault that children are crazy and believe in messed up shit.

    If you have seen Django, u know that while it is about slacery,racism and all that, its the other way around as Foxx goes to town on killing white people and honestly, Im totally fine with that. as its a movie!

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