Rick Ross Blames Tour Cancellation On Promoter, Not Gang Threats! [Video]

rick ross address gd's
Rick Ross blames his recent tour cancellation due to “the promoter not handling his business.” Rick Ross says, it had nothing to do with gang related threats from the GDs.

The boss claims, “he’s certified world-wide.”

via 99Jamz


  1. says

    thats right rick keep it 100 why every one uses the gang beef card. all you no gang related people have no game on real music so u use the treat gang card git your life like rick said a real ganster dont fold and stays quiet so shut the heck up and respect the boss. if he cancelled because hommie shan did not consult with rick on cancelleing then thats what happened if you knew anything on business you dont bite the hand that feed you and you dont take charge of someones elses business

  2. Keith says

    He sounds Ridicilous. “I’m a boss, I’m not scared.” Dude people are threating your LIFE. Look what happened to Biggie Smalls and Tupac. People are threating to KILL you just like they were killed. That’s something to take very serious. I think he’s scared, but just doesn’t want to admit it.

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