Snooki of ‘Jersey Shore’ PAID $32K To Speak at Rutgers University!!

Snooki Snooki of Jersey Shore PAID $32K To Speak at Rutgers University!!

Facebook is buzzing about Rutgers paying Snooki of ‘Jersey Shore’ $32k to speak at the University’s Livingston Campus Thursday night in Piscataway. One student is quoted saying, “Umm if this is true I want my loans forgiven immediately. Someone please tell me how Snooki would contribute to any student’s success. Smdh.” While two other students sound off saying, “Did Snooki even go 2 college????…..smh” and “they just lower the quality of my degree.” Even worse, Snooki was paid using the mandatory student activity fees undergraduates must pay with their tuition.

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  1. Tightlipped says

    this is rediculous, what was she telling people, how to use spray on tan and make a snooki bump in thier hair….rutgers better slow donw for they help to reveal modern day education as the farce that it actually is in this day and age

  2. says

    if a college i went to paid her money to come to the school and talk about BS i would probably drop out of that scholl or hell sue them for wasting the schools time and money on a chick from a reality show


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