Dipset’s Tour Bus Searched — Jim Jones, Cam’ron SHIVERING!

Jim Jones 300x225 Dipsets Tour Bus Searched    Jim Jones, Camron SHIVERING! Wow… Check this out — Dipset Tour Bus Search Footage!

This video shows a tour bus belonging to Dipset (Cam’ron and Jim Jones) pulled over on a highway in Massachusetts. Everyone inside the Dipset tour bus was patted down and searched. Somehow this video which was recorded as evidence emerged on the internet! It was recorded obliviously by State Police in Boston, Massachusetts. Jim Jones and Cam’ron were shivering badly as the State Police went to work to find guns (which they were successful at finding… smh). Jim Jones looked crazy standing outside the tour bus freezing his ass off! Maybe he thought the State Police would show mercy and hand him a warm blanket or something… lol! We’re not sure who leaked the footage of this search — but if the intent was to embarrass the “gangsta rap group”… mission accomplished.

The police reports states:

Feb 26, 2003 — A gangsta rap group “Diplomat – Diplomatic Immunity” left the Meridien Hotel in Boston in their tour bus and was being followed by a Chevy Suburban and a red Toyota car. The female in the red Toyota called the cops and said she was being shot at by people in the Chevy Suburban and that the person shooting had got out of the bus and into the Chevy Suburban. State Police stopped all 3 vehicles on Rt. 128 at Rt. 95 A male and female from the Chevy Suburban were arrested. 2 other males from the bus were arrested Total of 4 arrests. 3 handguns were found…