George Zimmerman and DMX Boxing Match CANCELLED!!

It’s cancelled. There will be no George Zimmerman and DMX boxing match.

george zimmerman boxing match promoter Damon Feldman

The George Zimmerman fight is canceled I’m sorry for anyone I hurt with this but this was a very big opportunity thank you. I want to thank everyone for the good n bad comments I’ve made the choice to cancel the fight w George Zimmermann more to life then money. It was my decision to cancel the george zimmerman fight it was worth a lot of money to me but people’s feelings meant more to me. I walked away from av million dollar payday with this fight but to be honest I’d rather be happy and make people happy thank you.

– Damon Feldman via Twitter

George Zimmerman Boxing Match Promoter vs Hot 97 Morning Show [Audio]

The George Zimmerman boxing match promoter Damon Feldman was invited to call into the Hot 97 Morning Show. He played stupid on the line and claimed he heard about.. but didn’t follow the Zimmerman/ Trayvon case. smh

If your interested in hearing what Damon Feldman had to say, listen to the call below.

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George ZImmerman vs DMX

Damon Feldman vs the Hot 97 Morning Show:

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George Zimmerman vs DMX in “Celebrity” Boxing FIGHT…

George Zimmerman and DMX will apparently be putting on gloves and getting in a boxing ring together.

George Zimmerman vs DMX boxing fight

The photo above depicts the reality of this upcoming “celebrity” boxing fight against George Zimmerman and DMX.

A lot of you would probably love to see George Zimmerman get his ass handed to him by a black guy… we personally don’t want to see this murder at all.

Listen to what the Hot 97 morning had to say about this George Zimmerman and DMX fight below.

Tashera Simmons and DMX Once Had $40 MILLION in The Bank! [Video]

Tashera Simmons stops by the The Breakfast Club to spill the gossip on ex-husband DMX. She was there to promote the release of her first book called, ‘You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea.’ In the book, Tashera shares the story about her life which involved DMX.

Tashera admitted to the Breakfast Club DMX once had $40 MILLION physically in his account and now has nothing to show for it. smh…

Tashera Simmons on DMX

Watch the interview below.

DMX Files For Bankruptcy Protection

DMX filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, court records show, days after his arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence.

DMX Couples Therapy Cries Mother

DMX lists less than $50,000 in assets and $1 million to $10 million in debt.

X owes $1.24 million in child support and more than $21,000 on an auto lease, among other obligations. His principal asset is a 50% stake in property in Mount Kisco, N.Y.