DMX Says He Doesn’t Like ANYTHING About DRAKE! [Video]

DMX diss Drake

DMX keeps it real on The Breakfast Club with DJ Envy, Charlamagne Tha God, and Angela Yee! DMX boldly admits he doesn’t like anything about Young Money’s Drake. He doesn’t like Drake’s voice, face… the way he walks, talks, his haircut — NOTHING! DMX also says he’s not feeling Rick Ross.

Watch DMX interview on The Breakfast Club below (skip to the 10:50 mark to hear DMX diss Drake):

PHOTO: DMX Caught Mopping Floor at WAFFLE HOUSE!

LOL. Swizz Beatz was on the right path assisting DMX to get his public image back on the right path. C’mon X… pictures of you mopping the floor at Waffle House is NOT what’s up.

DMX mopping waffle house floor picture

DMX sentenced himself to hard labor yesterday, relieving a lowly Waffle House employee from mop duty … and performing the filthy chore himself!

The photos were snapped at a WH in Greenville, South Carolina — where the rapper stopped in for some late night eats .. after a Halloween party at a nearby strip club.

The rapper tells us, one of the workers — who was mopping the floors at the time — said he was a big fan … and X was so touched, he grabbed the mop and finished the guy’s job for him.

The Dog tells us, “I was in a good mood and felt that I would do that for him since it was 4am and [the employee] had been working all night.”

The rapper adds, “The minute you get too big to mop a floor or wipe a counter, that’s the exact minute you have life f**ked up.” – TMZ