Funk Flex Sends Out Warning and DISS To Jay Z “I Don’t Need You”

Funk Flex addresses his issue with Jay Z on the the radio station last night.

Flex doesn’t want to be bothered with Jay Z sending messengers, says Hot 97 isn’t scared of him, tells him support J Cole’s album and stop acting like it doesn’t exist, calls him a corporate commercial rapper, says Jay Z is not above him, calls his laugh dumb and much more.

funk flex vs jay z

Listen to the audio below.

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Funkmaster Flex vs Dame Dash [Audio]

Did you miss all the back and fourth between Funkmaster Flex and Dame Dash? If so, listen to the audio below.

funkmaster flex vs dame dash

If you didn’t know, Flex came for Dame Dash earlier this week on his Hot 97 radio show because Dame called out former Def Jam exec Joey “Joeyie” Manda, referring to him as a culture vulture.

Dame responded to Flex on his IG.

In the audio below, Funkmaster Flex responds to Dame Dash’s Instagram post and the back and fourth continues…

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Audio above via Miss Info TV.

Dame Dash stopped by The Combat Show to address Funkmaster Flex and his issues with “culture vultures.”

Dame Dash Goes After Funkmaster Flex on Social Media!

Dame Dash adds DJ Funkmaster Flex to the list of folks he’s “calling out.”

Check out the message Dame posted on his Instagram below.

Im just curious why @djfunkflex has so much to say about a person when he’s on a mike on the radio but when I directly addressed him so we could publicly have a face to face conversation and he hasent said a word yet… @djfunkflex I’m calling you and joi out… And lyor his as well… They don’t even have enough respect for the culture to address what Iam saying … You nerds have been making money from rap beef for years which makes our culture look stupid so why not engage in #ceobeef ?… Pause …because all three of you know I will expose your intellect and the whole world will see exactly how smart you lames really are #dontgetscared

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Bad Move: 2 Chainz Screams “FU*K You” To Funk Flex!

Why is 2 Chainz so emotional and tight? Funk Flex only said he spit a wack freestyle on his show. Flex gave him the benefit of saying he didn’t think 2 Chainz was prepared that day.

Anyways, 2 Chainz reacted harshly to Funkmaster Flex’s comments by screaming, “Fuck you and what you think about me nigga.”

Didn’t 50 Cent just get done saying the one thing he never done in his career was diss the DJ…

Watch the video below.