Jim Jones vs Dame Dash (Part II)

Jim Jones isn’t playing “clean-up” anymore — he has taken the gloves off and it’s back to dissing Dame Dash right in front of the public’s eye on Instagram.

Dame posted the following photo and caption:

Real Harlem niggas never fight each other and never disrespect each other…not under any circumstance…we have to much respect for each other we only wanna make money and get fresh…. We stay as far away from that insecure tough shit as possible…all the tough shit is embarrassing… And doesn’t reflect us…we only wanna promote positivity and sticking together as a culture…. #harlemstickstogether acting tough is for punks

dame dash and cam'ron

Jim Jones responded by re-posting the same photo. Here’s the caption Jim left:

Somebody ask this dickhead @duskopoppington dame if his car note n rent is paid this month or is he still sneak thieving his own people to pay bills he can’t afford smh why did u fire David Chang cause u put a car in his name n didn’t want to pay th car note which is ur bill n then u put hands on a defenseless Chinese man why u dont do tht tuff shit like u said to a real tuff nigga like my self oh cause u a faggot sneak thievin cock sucker dam dame u went out like a bad batch of tht scaggy postin pics wit @mr_camron aint gone save u bro u need Jesus lol Byrd nigga n when u see me u know whts up aint nothin change nigga lmao this should b fun exposure lol is this wht U wanted to b back in th game right well here’s ur introduction n u owe me bout 5k cash from all them 100 dollars I was givin u Dailey like my side bitch

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