Miami Beach Police Tag Justin Bieber’s Twitter Account to Smiling Mug Shot Photo!

The Miami Beach Police Department tagged Justin Bieber and then released his smiling mug shot photo on Twitter.

Justin Bieber was arrested in Miami Beach early Thursday morning for allegedly drunk driving and resisting arrest.

And Bieber’s mugshot and arrest record are everywhere because the Miami Beach Police Department tweeted them.

Releasing that information today was no different than how the city handles high-profile cases, visitors or natural disasters, said Detective Vivian Hernandez, media relations officer with the city of Miami Beach.

“If we have the information, we’re gonna put it out there for everyone,” she said.

So, yeah, if [Justin] Bieber gets arrested, the police department’s gonna tweet about it. It’s how they can be transparent, Hernandez said.

“And most important, that’s factual information.”

There’s no speculation, she said. Just an arrest report. And a smiling mug shot…

justin bieber mugshot smile

Check out the video below.