Tahiry Explains HOLDING DOWN Joe Budden in Kaylin Garcia’s Absence! [Video]

tahiry love and hip hop new york season 3
Tahiry explains holding down Joe Budden in Kaylin Garica’s absence! Tahiry punched Consequence square in the face after he hit her ex-man in the back of the head.

According to reports, Kaylin Garica has moved out of Joe Budden’s house.

Consequence tweeted this message moments after getting punched by Tahiry:


Tahiry and Kaylin Beef! Love and Hip Hop Episode 6 [Video]

Check out Tahiry and Kaylin beef on Love and Hip Hop episode 6!

tahiry and kaylin beef

Was Tahiry wrong for starting the fight and putting her hand on Kaylin Garcia’s sensitive nose? It’s never a good idea to have your ex and current girlfriend in the same room. It was just too many feeling in the air… a cat-fight was bound to happen.

Watch the full episode below.

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