Kevin Durant: “I’m TIRED of Being SECOND!”

Check out the 60 Minutes Sports interview with Kevin Durant!

Kevin Durant tired of being second Kevin Durant: Im TIRED of Being SECOND!

Kevin Durant says, “I’ve been second my whole life. I was the second best player in high school. Second pick in the draft. Second in the MVP voting three times. I came in second in the finals. I’m tired of being second…”

It sounds like KD is coming for LeBron this year — MVP voting and in the Finals.

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Durant vs. Wade [Video]

Dwyane Wade about to make Kevin Durant learn today. Kevin Durant doesn’t believe Dwyane Wade belongs at no. 8 as best player in the league on Sports Illustrated’s list.

Dwyane Wade posted the following message on his Instagram with the caption, “Don’t believe me just watch.”

dwyane wade vs kevin durant Durant vs. Wade [Video]

KD responded to Wade’s message with:

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