Kim Kardashian To Bank $85.5 MILLION From App Store Game!

…just read and weep below.


Check out the actual game, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, here.

The game launched only three weeks ago… stock price of Glu is at the highest it’s been in 18 months – making this the biggest and most profitable year in the company’s history, reports Forbes.

The game generates revenues from in-app purchases.

Kim Kardashian stands to make around $85 MILLION from the new video game iPhone app that boasts her namesake … more than she made last year in all of her other ventures combined … TMZ has learned.

Sources familiar with the deal tell TMZ … Kim’s cut is 45% of net profits. The game — “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” — is set to gross a reported $200 million this year alone.

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Amber Rose Wendy Williams

Amber Rose Wendy Williams