Mike D’Antoni “Fan” Comment Disrespectful To Kobe Bryant?

Did Mike D’Antoni disrespect Kobe Bryant by calling him “a fan” for live-tweeting the game?

In a televised postgame press conference, Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni tried to brush off Bryant’s comments.

“It’s great to have that commentary,” D’Antoni said, rolling his eyes. “He’s a fan right now. He’s a fan. You guys put a little bit more importance on that kind of fan. He’s a fan, he gets excited, I’m sure he wants to be part of it.”

Bryant immediately responded to those comments, which some interpreted as a slight: “A fan?? lol”. He later added: “Nervous response. I’m sure he didn’t meant it that way. No big deal.”

Source: nba.si.com

Watch Mike D’Antoni disrespect Kobe below.

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