Kyrie Irving and James Harden Celebrate @usabasketball Gold Medal WIN!

Check out the short clip below! Kyrie Irving and James Harden celebrate USA Men’s basketball win over Serbia 129-92 for the FIBA Gold Medal in Spain.

Kyrie Irving made all six 3-pointers and scored 26 points, and the U.S. repeated as world champion for the first time by crushing Serbia 129-92 on Sunday in the Basketball World Cup.

James Harden added 23 for the Americans, who made 11 of 16 3-pointers.

Congratulations fellaz!

USA also did the “Shmoney Dance!”

Kobe Bryant vs Kyrie Irving 1 on 1 — It’s GOING DOWN! [Video]

kobe bryant vs kyrie irving
Kobe Bryant vs Kyrie Irving in a game of 1 on 1 basketball — it’s going down (soon)! Kobe Bryant and Kyrie Irving will face off against each other in a game of 1 on 1 basketball. The loser will donate $50,000 to the winner’s charity!

In this video, Kyrie referenced the Kobe Bryant vs Bow Wow 1 on 1 challenge from 1 year ago. Kobe destroyed Bow Wow to where he couldn’t score 1 point. Kyrie tells Kobe, he’s not Bow Wow — there is no comparison.

Who do you think will win a game of 1 on 1? Kobe Bryant or Kyrie Irving?

via Duke Blue Planet