Chris Brown to Karrueche: “I LOVE YOU” [Video]

Chris Brown tells Karrueche, “I love you” during a phone call from jail!

chris brown to karrueche: I Love you

Karrueche posted the following clip on her Instagram page. Listen to Chris Brown’s phone call to Karrueche from jail below. Chris thanks his fans for all the support and tells Karrueche, “I love you.”

We’re guessing Chris Brown got word of Rihanna and Drake’s antics, while he’s been in the pin. The photo below came out yesterday.

Rihanna and Drake

Rihanna Covers Up Hand Tattoo!

Rihanna wasn’t too thrilled with the Polynesian Tattoo on her right hand… because the singer just decided to cover it up, after only about 2 weeks of having it.

rihanna polynesian tattoo

Rihanna is known for making extremely poor decisions so this comes as no surprise.

The pre-existing traditional tribal tattoo was applied to Rihanna’s skin with a mallet and chisel… smh! All that PAIN for nothing.

Here’s what the tattoo looks like now after Rihanna decided she wanted to cover it up. Check out the photos of Rihanna’s new hand tattoo after the jump!

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