Shawty Lo Buys Three MEAN Pairs of Men’s Christian Louboutin Sneakers! [Video]

Shawty Lo Christian Louboutin Sneakers picture
…before we begin, you’ll notice two things in this video:

1. Shawty Lo did a magnificent job concealing his MAACO paint job hair underneath that towel.

2. Shawty Lo signs his credit card receipts as “Shawty Lo”… lol.

Anyways, check out the video, Shawty Lo goes into the Christian Louboutin store located in NYC, and leaves out with three hard mean-looking pairs!

OH HELL NAWW! Shawty Lo Needs To FIRE The Barber Responsible For This Haircut!! [Video]

Shawty Lo Hair
What’s wrong with Shawty Lo’s hair in this video? It looks like Shawty Lo literally colored in his entire head and beard with a jet black shiny Sharpie marker! Is Shawty Lo and his barber serious with this look? Nobody on his team pulled him to the side for a quick chat? Smh.

Did ya’ll catch Basketball Wives cast member, Royce Reed being a celebrity groupie?! Smh.

Tony Yayo – Haters (ft. 50 Cent, Shawty Lo & Roscoe Dash)

New music from Tony Yayo featuring 50 Cent, Shawty Lo and Roscoe Dash called Haters.

Tony Yayo haters picture

Listen to “Haters” below!

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