DeSean Jackson Addresses Gang Member Affiliation w/ Stephen A. Smith

Here is DeSean Jackson’s one-on-one interview with Stephen A. Smith addressing the allegations of gang member affiliation put out there by DeSean also comments on the anonymous quotes written in CBS Philadelphia about him being selfish.

DeSean Jackson Stephen A Smith interview

Watch the DeSean Jackson and Stephen A. Smith interview below.

Stephen A. Smith Talks Knicks, Phil Jackson, Kobe, and Desean Jackson on Arsenio Hall

Stephen A. Smith

Check out the videos below of Stephen A. Smith on The Arsenio Hall Show. Stephen A. touches on the awful 2013-2014 New York Knicks, the hiring of Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant’s comments about Trayvon Martin, and the situation in Philly involving Desean Jackson.

Watch more of Stephen A. Smith’s discussion with Arsenio after the jump.

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Stephen A. Smith on Having Absence Of Compassion! [Video]

Stephen A. Smith
Stephen A. Smith explains, “We have to be careful of having absence of compassion!” Have we classified too many things as racially insensitive? If someone apologizes genuinely — should we be more forgiving?

Stephen opens up his 2nd hour with Linsanity. Jeremy Lin is a great story for sports, but the general public needs to learn about racial sensitivity and when certain things are apropriate and when they aren’t.