Tahiry CONFIRMS NY Fashion Week ATTACK; Issues Statement

If you didn’t know, Tahiry was attacked by a man at NY Fashion week.

Tahiry and Andre King boyfriend  (6)

Here’s her statement and confirmation on the matter.

Thank you ALL for your well wishes. I am both appreciative and grateful to have you on my team and call you #teamtahiry! I am sincerely touched by your outpouring of love. As you may or may not know, on Monday, Sept. 8, I was attacked, assaulted and violated, while in the workplace, by a man. I was beaten because I am woman with a voice and refuse to be disrespected. It is more proof that the violence against women is real and needs to be addressed publicly. The shaming and disrespecting of women/victims of violent abuses must stop. Violence against women must stop; a women’s voice and refusal to be disrespected is not grounds for physical abuse. #iamwoman #myvoicematters More to the point, I am home, healing and surrounded by love. Rest assured, I will continue all my efforts and endeavors with the same faith, determination, passion and spirit I have always possesed. Again, thank you! You are ALL heroes of mine! Love, Tahiry

Love and Hip Hop New York Season 4, Reunion Part 2

Did you miss the ‘Love & Hip Hop: New York’ Season 4, Reunion show Part 2 yesterday night?

There were some interesting moments… Rashidah Ali calling Tahiry out on not evolving and still providing “jerk off” moments to her fans, Saigon giving zero f*cks about his baby mama, and of course Peter Gunz crying on national TV after finding out his “wife” Amina is pregnant.

Peter Gunz cry

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If you missed last night’s episode of Love and Hip Hop New York Season 4, Reunion Part 2, watch it below.

Tahiry and Rashidah Ali Exchange FIGHTING WORDS! [Video]

tahiry and rashidah ali fight

Tahiry and Rashidah Ali exchanged fighting words on episode 12 of Love and Hip-Hop New York season 4, last night on VH1!

The beef between Tahiry and Rashidah Ali heated up once Rashidah forced Tahiry to take a hard look at herself in the mirror. Rashidah called Tahiry out for being a provocative model — always with her azz out in videos and on magazine covers! She told Tahiry, “I’m trying to show you how to be somebody’s wife, not somebody’s jerk-off moment!”

Rashidah ripped Tahiry! Check out the video below.

Tahiry Says “NO” To Joe Budden Marriage Proposal! [Video]

Joe Budden got a shocker when Tahiry wasn’t beat and said “NO” to his marriage proposal last night on episode 11 of Love and Hip-Hop New York season 4.

Joe Budden looked like he was about to cry after Tahiry turned him down.

Joe Budden cry face

tahiry says no to Joe Budden proposal

If you missed Love and Hip-Hop New York season 4 episode 11 last night on VH1, watch the video below!