The Game FIGHTS Off Paparazzi For Khloe Kashashian! [Video]

The Game fought off camera-flashing paparazzi for Khloe Kardashian last night!

The Game The Game FIGHTS Off Paparazzi For Khloe Kashashian! [Video]

Khloe and Game were getting swarmed by paps as they walked out of Tru Nightclub, when The Game put all the paparazzi on notice, shouting … “Put your cameras down, or there’s gonna be 7 broke cameras!”
The Game added, “You thought Kanye was a problem? I’m a REAL problem!”

Watch the video of Game fighting off paparazzi below.

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Drake and The Game Help Pay for Funerals

Drake and The Game are teaming up to help cover funeral costs for 6 people — including 5 young siblings — who died in a tragic house fire in Ohio.

The Game freestyle Drake and The Game Help Pay for Funerals

A woman named Anna Angel was working her shift at Burger King when a fire consumed her home while her 5 young children and her boyfriend were trapped inside. There were no survivors.

“I cannot imagine the feeling she had at that moment & when I 1st read this story yesterday I just happened to be on the phone with (Drake) & told him about it so he offered to help alongside me,” said The Game.

“What (The Game) is doing will never be forgotten,” Drake added on his Instagram page. “Honored to be able to help people alongside my brother.”

Drake and The Game agreed to donate $10,000 each to help Anna cover the burial costs.

An additional $2,500 coming from the production team of his reality TV show “Married to The Game,” to cover Angel’s funeral costs and provide funds for a new vehicle.

The Game recently pledged to donate $1 million dollars to people in need as part of his Robin Hood project.