Waka Flocka– Ice Cream (Gucci Mane Diss) [Audio]

Waka Flocka fires back at his old boss Gucci Mane with a diss track!

Waka Flocka diss Gucci Mane Waka Flocka– Ice Cream (Gucci Mane Diss) [Audio]

See I been shooting pistols since the 7th grade
I been a real ni**a since 2nd grade
And when I met Gucci, thought I met a real ni**a
Until he crossed the line and he became a fu*k ni**a
I used to share rooms, now I got it made
Ni**as sip codeine like its lemonade
I’m still the same ni**a with his nappy fro’
Ain’t nothing changed but this dirty colored coat