Waka Flocka THREATENS To TURN UP on Gucci Mane!

Waka Flocka responds to Gucci Mane’s diss about selling off his publishing for $1 Million.

Check out Waka’s Gucci Mane diss video below!

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Gucci Mane SELLING OFF Waka Flocka’s PUBLISHING For $1 Million!

Gucci Mane disses Waka Flocka on Twitter. Gucci is selling of his percentage of Waka’s publishing for $1 Million!

Gucci Mane Diss Waka Flocka

Gucci Mane hit up the social networking site Twitter to let the world know, he’s selling off his percentage of Waka Flocka’s publishing along with 3 albums.

Gucci posted the following Waka Flock diss on Twitter:

I will sell all rights to Waka Flocka Flame for 1M. His next 3albums & my percentage of his publishing mechanicals and touring. Who want this lil nigga? #ww3 – Gucci Mane

Business is business… i guess.