Tiara Thomas On Rihanna’s “Bad” Remix: “A Song I Wrote In My College Dorm… Rihanna Is Singing MY LYRICS!”

Tiara Thomas speaks to VladTV about Rihanna’s “Bad” remix. Tiara tells Vlad, “I think that’s amazing… a song I WROTE in my college dorm… BLEW… And now Rihanna is singing MY LYRICS. I can’t complain about that.” Tiara concluded by agreeing with Vlad — her publishing money is pretty good.

Do you think Tiara Thomas subliminally threw a jab at Rihanna? Did we have to know the song was wrote effortlessly in her college dorm… and Rihanna is singing HER LYRICS.

Tiara Thomas Tiara Thomas On Rihannas Bad Remix: A Song I Wrote In My College Dorm... Rihanna Is Singing MY LYRICS!

Watch Tiara Thomas’ interview below.