NASA Says “We Are Not Alone”

NASA expects in the next two decades we could find alien life.

In a panel discussion at the Washington headquarters Monday, the agency said it’s highly unlikely we’re alone in the universe.

It believes advancements in telescope technology will help confirm the existence of other life on at least one of the 100 million worlds in our galaxy.


Gun-Owning Mom Busted In NJ Could Face 3 Years In Prison

single mom facing three years

single black mom breaks gun law nj

27 year-old Shaneen Allen from Philadelphia wanted to protect her family. She took a gun safety course, applied for and was granted a concealed carry permit and she purchased a gun.

However, while Allen was covered to carry a gun in Pennsylvania, she made the mistake of crossing into New Jersey with the weapon and now she’s facing a mandatory minimum of three-years in jail.

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College Student (Elliot Rodger) Allegedly Uploads Video Detailing Planned Mass Murder Before Carrying It Out!

This evil college kid Elliot Rodger allegedly went on a killing spree because he never got attention from the ladies and was angry about being a virgin.


Sheriff Bill Brown confirmed six people were killed by during multiple drive-by shootings Friday night in Isla Vista, with the suspect also dying from gunshot wounds, and seven victims now being hospitalized.

Law enforcement have not confirmed whether the suspect took his own life or was killed by police gunfire, but Brown said the suspect died from a gunshot wound to the head and the “mass murder situation” was committed with a semiautomatic handgun, and all shootings occurred within a 10-minute time period. Driving a black BMW, the suspect shot at passerby’s at nine different crime scenes all around I.V., including the area around 7-11, I.V. Deli Mart and near the 6500 through 6700 blocks of Sabado Tarde Road, according to police and eyewitness accounts. Around 9:27 p.m., Sheriff’s deputies received reports of multiple gun shots, and around 9:33 pm. the suspect engaged several deputies with gunfire. The suspect then fled following the gunfire, and crashed his vehicle into a parked car on Del Playa Drive.

Here’s the video posted Friday by SBCC student Elliot Rodger, a person purportedly related to the recent Isla Vista shootings.

Sheriff Bill Brown’s Press Conference on Isla Vista Shootings