Texas Cop Conducts Invasive Body Cavity Search… Using The Same Gloves! [Video]

texas cop gives cavity search in public
Don’t get pulled over in Texas! A female cop is caught on tape giving two women body cavity searches during a routine traffic stop and using the SAME gloves.

A female trooper who conducted invasive body cavity searches on two women during a traffic stop has been suspended, CBS News reports.

Body cavity searches are normally conducted inside jail holding cells or in prisons — not on a roadside in full view of passing motorists.

The attorney for the women, Scott Palmer, said the suspension shows the DPS is taking action, but was still disappointed in the incident. “That shows me they’re being professional, but it’s still unfortunate that it takes a lawsuit to get that that kind of attention, that remedial action to get her off the streets.”


  1. ashurbanipal says

    Why do they finger the asshole and then the pussy? While using the same glove?? INFECTION

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