Do Ya’ll Wanna See Toni Braxton SPREAD EAGLE!? [Video]

Toni Braxton talks Playboy picture
When the checks stop coming and desperate times call for desperate measures… and IRS is on ya ass for up to $50 mil. You gotta do what you gotta do.

Toni Braxton is desperate and broke. She has decided to take off her clothes for Playboy! Toni Braxton, 43, made the announcement to her family on an episode of Braxton Family Values. Is taking it off for Playboy Magazine the right thing to do at Toni’s age? Do ya’ll remember this interview when Wendy Williams told her its not worth it?

Well, if Toni Braxton does go through with getting butt nekkid for Playboy Magazine — you can count on Flashing Lights (Picture / iCandy Forum) to have the pictures! Remember to check it on a daily basis! The pics will definitely be posted in that section of HipHopStan!


  1. Monisa Cole says

    I personally think Toni should have posed for Playboy. She is a grown beautiful classy woman and this does not take anything away from her. Black women are always put in the position where people make them feel like something is wrong when we you our bodies. The woman is in her forties and she look fabulous. God bless you Toni Braxton!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. latonyajones says

    Toni u r a strong. Person u will b ok

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