Trayvon Martin’s Father RETRACES His Son’s FINAL STEPS [Video]

Trayvon Martin father Tracy
This is a walk NO FATHER should ever have to make — Trayvon’s Martin’s father retraces his son’s final steps. Rev. Al Sharpton concludes the video by stating, “If the people come out, they can make things begin to happen… It’s about building a moment… IF you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”


  1. keyanna allen says

    I wish this would have never happend to him he was so young and had a full life in front of him trayvon may you rest in love and pease god has your back

  2. keyanna allen says


  3. says

    Will it still be considered “justice” (should a trial ensue) and Zimmerman is found not guilty? I found this on the news.

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