Trayvon Martin Mom ‘Accident’ Video

Trayvon Martin Mom accident
In this video, Trayvon Martin’s mom reveals she believes Trayvon’s shooting was an accident. Watch the Trayvon Martin Mom “Accident” Video here.

After Trayvon Martin’s mom statement drew attention, a spokesman for the Martin family, emailed a statement to MSNBC TV saying her comments had been “mischaracterized.”

Here’s the statement:

Earlier today, I made a comment to the media that was later mischaracterized. When I referenced the word ‘accident’ today with regard to Trayvon’s death, in NO way did I mean the shooting was an accident.

We believe that George Zimmerman stalked my son and murdered him in cold blood. The ‘accident’ I was referring to was the fact that George Zimmerman and my son ever crossed paths. It was an accidental encounter. If George Zimmerman hadn’t gotten out of his vehicle, this entire incident would have been avoided.

My son was profiled, followed and murdered by George Zimmerman, and there was nothing accidental about that.

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