TT Torrez Interview With Mama Jones [Audio]

TT Torrez interviews Mama Jones (Jim Jones’) mother. She talks about his engagement with Chrissy, Olivia, the beef with Cameron and Jim Jones, and moreTT TORREZ.


  1. Little LB says

    Mama jones you need to sit the F down crack headed witch! First, dont be mad at olivia, she wasnt allowed to tell you, it was Chrissys secret, 2nd it was on video tape you a-hole, she didnt shove no drink down your throat. You are riding out this 15 minutes of fame and then you will disappear….hopefully. You are an ugly skank whore that needs to go AWAY and learn your place in your sons relationship with Chrissy. Which is in the background. And please you only obsess over your son because he has money.

  2. Little LB says

    LOL! Lady? You are a lady? PUHLEASE! Ladies dont propose to their men, its not moral? Whats morality got to do with that? Was it moral to be a crack whore?


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