Tyga Speaks on Crashing His $500K Lambo! [Video]

tyga lambo
Tyga, the rapper who recently had a child with former stripper Blac Chyna, talks to Big Boy’s Neighborhood about crashing his $500K lambo. He only drove it about 3 times.


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    tyga that was the best interview ive seen in a while hallarius part on passing the 500 dollars and buy the time you got it it was 100 so funny you spit that shit on point nice job hey are u santa this year or next year my christmas wish is when u tired of the car speed to my house with it nice and safely and please dont git hurt. merry christmas to you and the radio station and happy new year

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    s—o—-s— tyga remember I asked for the car first!!!!!! lol yall remember this post as my next year wish okay radio station

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