Tyler, The Creator – Yonkers [Video]

Tyler The Creator picture

So, Kanye West tweeted the following message, and my courtesy lead me to check it out…

I thought the video and lyrics were pretty good! I’ll be looking out for more material from Tyler, The Creator.

Tyler, the Creator, the ringleader of hip-hop collective Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, has a follow-up to last year’s Bastard LP, Goblin, out in April. Now, here’s a clip for the first single from that record, “Yonkers”, and it’s a no-bullshit clip that features cockroaches, a bloody nose, and a fairly violent ending. Check it out below. -Pitchfork


  1. KayRon2011 says

    his lyrics and this video are awesome.!! but he needs some therapy nd fast..!!

  2. Cashmere says

    My Nigga Ace as raw as fuck


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