Tyler, The Creator – Yonkers [Video]

Tyler The Creator picture

So, Kanye West tweeted the following message, and my courtesy lead me to check it out…

I thought the video and lyrics were pretty good! I’ll be looking out for more material from Tyler, The Creator.

Tyler, the Creator, the ringleader of hip-hop collective Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, has a follow-up to last year’s Bastard LP, Goblin, out in April. Now, here’s a clip for the first single from that record, “Yonkers”, and it’s a no-bullshit clip that features cockroaches, a bloody nose, and a fairly violent ending. Check it out below. –Pitchfork


  1. KayRon2011 says

    his lyrics and this video are awesome.!! but he needs some therapy nd fast..!!

  2. Cashmere says

    My Nigga Ace as raw as fuck


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