Video Vixen Ashley Logan CALLS OUT French Montana!

Ashley Logan calls out rapper French Montana! Check out her tweets below.

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So @FrenchMontana is a BITCH! He owes me $1750 & wont give it back b\c I wont sleep with him! Im tired of trying to do Business with Bums! Ppl wonder why females are always putting rappers on blast! This is why! And there is SO much more to the story that I will not freely disclose unless things get ugly. I will take this as a loss & a lesson learned

So @ is a BITCH! He owes me $1750 & wont give it back bc I wont sleep with him!
Ashley Logan

Hmmm… Why does French owe Ashley $1750 is better question…?

Ashley Logan tweet


  1. says

    Well, he’s on bad boy now so, im sure 1750 aint shit to the sounds more like she fucked em, and wasnt given what was promised..lets face it..every video female has had adicrepancy at one time or another as an artist..kat Stacks was the only bitch with big enough balls to cash out. Yea she a slut but at least she’s a hunnid wit it…I mean, why wont you disclose until things get ugly ?? Sounds like blackmail to ME!

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