Wendy Williams Shows BEYONCE How A REAL PREGNANT Woman Would SIT! [Video]

Two REAL pregnant staff workers on the Wendy Williams Show, one due the SAME exact time as Beyonce (Feb 2012), show Wendy Williams how real pregnant women sit down! And guess what?!… Their stomachs don’t fold and collapse like Beyonce’s prosthetic baby bump!

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Beyonce fake baby bump sitting down in down

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  1. Ce'Dana says

    Have anyway thought its her dress that hung and not a fake bump?

  2. jay says

    if u look up ” Pregnant Beyonce Shows Off Her Baby Bump In A Bikini ” you can clearly see that see is pregnant.

  3. RealCommenter says

    She didn’t have a baby. Wendy, you were right. She was due in Feb and gave birth in Jan yet the baby was healthy…no low birth weight. Beyonce gained very little weight. Nothing significant. Her face got slightly fatter but it’s only in certain pics. For all we know her face has also been fat/skinny in different pics. Soooooo…with that being said yes, Wendy, the ho lied.

  4. Kristal says

    People shut up leave her alone bout her baby and her baby bump get a life im jus sayin it how it is

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