WTF! Nicki Minaj Super Bass Cover [Video]

Nicki Minaj super bass cover 300x175 WTF! Nicki Minaj Super Bass Cover [Video]
Smh @ this video. Watch the young “boy” cover Nicki Minaj‘s Super Bass!

  • Tightlipped

    so it is possible to be gay and retarded :/

  • Talicious

    Put the same energy into being a DAMN MAN!!! I hate it when young ones act like that!!! And the guy in the back promoting that nonsense! No that wasn’t good!!

  • Opportunist

    lol… yo Nicki Minaj do be rapping like dat

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  • YoungStar

    boy fuck up 4 that 1 nicki minaj do not rap like that with ur ugly ass lls bitch

  • shakayla prettygirlswag howard

    wat iz wr0ng with hym

  • pooh.tammie

    dat nigga is fukin gay and dumm azz hell

  • killa T

    wat waz he thinkin about tht nigga sck dxxk r sumthin son faget azz nigga who tht waz vidoein him thy iz stupid dum azz nigga

  • jj

    LMAO bull a gay retart

  • devonne

    your big gay ass are u really gay